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How much does ShiftCatcher cost? - SkipTheDishes Shift Grabber


SkipTheDishes stands out as a profitable platform for delivery drivers. However, with stiff competition, securing desirable delivery shifts can be challenging. 

Use ShiftCatcher - your Shift Grabbing solution to not only grab more shifts but also to enhance your income.

The big question is: How much does ShiftCatcher cost? Let's dive in:

Affordable Investment: ShiftCatcher offers a range of subscription plans, each designed to suit different needs. The pricing is structured to ensure affordability, making sure the cost doesn't overshadow your extra earnings.

  • Monthly subscription: $70/month

  • Weekly subscription: $20/month

You can directly checkout here: 

Viewing Cost as an Investment: The small subscription fee should be seen as an investment. The potential rise in your daily, weekly, or monthly earnings is likely to far exceed the cost.

Evaluating Earnings: Before and After ShiftCatcher

To understand ShiftCatcher's value, consider this scenario:

  • Pre-ShiftCatcher: A driver typically secures 3 to 4 delivery shifts daily.

  • Post-ShiftCatcher: Using ShiftCatcher's advanced technology, a driver could double or even triple their shift count.

Let's look at the numbers:

For less than the cost of a single shift, you can secure between 10 to 15 shifts each week. Isn't that an excellent return on investment? Indeed it is!

ShiftCatcher might seem like an extra cost, but it's actually a smart move for your job with SkipTheDishes. It helps you get more shifts and make more money, so you end up gaining more than you spend. It's a really important tool for drivers who want to grow financially.

In the busy world of food delivery, having something that gives you an advantage is crucial. ShiftCatcher isn't just another expense – it's an investment in making more money as a Skip The Dishes driver. 

Check out the different subscription plans, think about how much more you could earn, and consider adding ShiftCatcher to your delivery tools. Start your journey to getting more shifts and earning more today!

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